TECHFILES is a digital platform to convert all your paper based audit with digital one. Further you can make more informed decision using its detailed reporting.

Audits are is critical to any process. DesignX brings you the Techfiles that streamlines the process, improves the productivity & quality of the product, saving you time – and lives at the same time.

Easy to use web-interface to build your own inspection form which is seamlessly connected to mobile application. Complete the inspection on any device & send instant reports. Assign tasks & responsibility & monitor the progress of the audit activities through the month.

Techfiles can be used for any industry like logistics, manufacturing, hotel industries, real estate etc who wants to digitize their audit process from paper work to mobile app.

More than just a simple checklist app, DesignX’ Techfiles allows you to standardize your inspection process and review performance across teams, locations, templates and more. Manage risks, keep audit and inspection records centralized, and improve your business over time.

– Create audits
– Follow up actions and scheduling
– Conditional logic-driven fields
– Export with PDF, Word
– Possibility to divide an inspection in sections
– Photo capture
– Reporting
– Quick deployment of template forms to field team
– Performance Review
– Automatic backup
– Export reports in PDF/ Excel Sheet
– Unlimited data upload and download per month
– Set up your organization with users and groups
– Assign permissions
– Administrative controls
– Share template
– Multiple report export formats
– Analytics tools
– Priority email and chat support

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