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DesignX-A Software Company for Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Industry has been missing the IT revolution for quite a long time. The Industry has been using the very Generic softwares like MS-Word & MS-Excel for Operational Data Capturing and eventually ended up using huge amount of papers.
We withdrawing from our long experience with manufacturing industry, have taken-up the task in our hand now. We have built number of amazing softwares specially designed to cater the needs of Manufacturing Industry and leading the way towards the dream of Paperless Factory.
We are constantly working on building world class services & products for every needs of all the manufacturing pillars like Productivity, Quality, Maintenance & Safety. We are on our way to build complete “Techfiles” to run entire Plant Operations.


We are building Cloud-based Softwares & IOT products specifically for Manufacturing Industry to cater to the dream of Paper-less & Digital Factory. We are constantly working on our device & software to achieve the dream.


We have design our own IOT device called "hectos" & cloud based softwares to achieve the dream of paperless & digital factory.Designing is the key feature before releasing any product & we focused to create top notch design.


We have team of certified developers to develop custom software as per the client's requirement.We have develop custom software for big player like HUL & HeroMoto. We are experts in mobile app development too.


Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision, and gives us the right stuff to turn our dream into reality.DesignX is committed to deliver the product within the deadline and will be the motto of the company at any cost.

Awards & Accolades

Best innovative product from north region territory.

Award for the most reliable & stable device in the world of IOT.

Great honour to be a keynote speaker at Delhi University.

Most impressionable consumer need fulfilment award.


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